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The Magic Bra : Chapter 1 - A TG Story
Jeremy was a young, 20 year old student who lived on his own for a few years now. His parents, who immigrated from France to the US before he was born, died in a car accident along with his sister when he was 16. He was devastated, by the fact that his only family (that he knows of) died, as well as the fact that he had to live alone. He had to drop out of high school so he could get a job and sustain himself, but lately he's stabilized and started considering going to college (after taking some catchup courses, of course), but he still felt very depressed and didn't want to go to college if he couldn't completely focus. Tuition money is very pricey these days, and he didn't want to bother with interviews and payments if he wasn't sure he could succeed. It'd be a waste of time and money in his eyes.
Though it wasn't all bad for Jeremy. He recently won a ticket for an all expense paid 2 month trip to Paris, France from a local raffle. The idea of being in his "homeland" somewhat excited
:iconjumboshirmp:Jumboshirmp 574 27
Nioh - Fuku and Nue :iconphamoz:phamoz 412 22
Never going back - What's her secret Ch.01
Nathan was on his way home. He just graduated from high school and was looking forward to summer vacation. Finally he could take some time off and relax. He glanced down towards his graduation diploma and thought to himself about what to do next in life. He stared out the car window,  lost in thought. His mother, Kimberly glanced over at him with a smile and happy voice. 
“so Nathan, you’ve graduated and I bet there’ll be celebrations coming up. Planning on joining your class mates?"
He thought for a while and just let out a short reply, “I guess I’ll drop by, but it’ll probably be boring anyway.."
His mother noticed his lack of enthusiasm and pried further; “Oh ? Not gonna go off with a bang along with your friends ? What about any cute girls ?"
He thought for a while before replying “Sure I’ll go and show everyone how socially awkward I am at big parties.
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Faux Part 1
Ah yes, the charming life of young royalty. Heavenly feasts surrounded by the cream of the crop, the finest raiments silver could buy, an army to die in your name… Countless enemies skulking in the shadows willing to resort to any method to deprive you of both your title and preferably your life along with it. Of course it wasn’t so that everyone wanted you dethroned and decapitated, but the ones that did certainly stood out, not just because of their desires but because their resources and willingness. In light of this, you’d also have your fair share of avid supporters. Someone was always willing to speak up in your name against all those naysayers, even if it might cost them their life in the long run.
“My young liege, dire news have been brought to my attention… Whoever is after your family’s blood has gotten to your brother, Rederic... We found him in a pool of his own blood in his bed… You’re not safe here, not anymore!”
The n
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Cheerleader Maki Harukawa | Danganronpa/LLSIF :iconeyescreamsundae:eyescreamsundae 21 2 D.Va - Overwatch :iconchinchongcha:chinchongcha 2,267 126
Secret Alien Twin Sister - Chapter 1
Chapter 1 - Secret Twin Sister
"Long ago there is a place called Earth where it's been populated with humans. We have seen a lot of people working mundane activities and somewhat acting like robots but what if we tell you that there's Extraterrestrial lifeform living among us. They can impersonate you! They can live together in our world. And they can murder you the least you suspected! So tonight we are going to bring you awareness to..."
"Honey! I told you to stop watching that ridiculous documentary show!" the brunette housewife telling his husband after she switches off the television.
"Sorry dear! It was a mis-click!" the black hair man wearing his business suit apologizes to her.  "Anyway, are our kids up?"
"Yes they are!" she says as she then walks near the staircase "Hana! Hakumei! Hurry up! You don't want to be late for the first day at school!"
"Yes mom!" both girls says.
We then see two girls rushing down the stairs while carrying their sc
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Mikan :iconmllermanda:Mllermanda 12 4 Himiko Yumeno :iconhinataconsuegra:hinataconsuegra 22 0



Hey guys, Its my first year here in deviantart. I alsp know that I have to post art here once in a while or so. So let me explain, I ran out of ideas for what the next poems theme should be. So Im going to ask for your suggestion or request. So put it here on the comments only. Thank you and God bless us all.
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We all have Demons within, It's just that we are afraid to hurt other people with them.


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